Nationwide advertising campaign against settlement products (SMP)

We need your help to take this campaign to the next level after Movia, the Danish bus company censored it: A more powerful and this time, not only in Copenhagen, but nationwide campaign on busses and other advertising media.

For the campaign to succeed we need you, the conscious consumer, the conscientious citizen, a person of action.

Support the campaign financially as an individual citizen, as a family, as a trade union, as a local unit in a political party, or as a company. Even small contributions like 10, 20 or 50 kroner matters and can make a BIG impact. You can also help out by sharing the campaign and its message where ever it is possible for you to do so.

You can donate on No thanks to SMP’s – Denmark


Monday the 27th of April 35 bus lines in Copenhagen drove out in the capitals streets with a new advertising whose purpose is to draw attention on the illegality of Israeli settlement products in Denmark, Europe as well as in international context. The campaign urges the consumers to avoid settlement products and it also urges food importers to abide by EU legislation concerning the labelling of settlement products.

Movia shuts down the campaign

After 4 days and around 100 complaints, most of them in english and identical, the Israeli ambassador turning up in person the day of the board meeting and the far rightwing-politician Finn Rudaizkys personal approach to a board member, the board voted, except one member, to stop the campaign immediately from 1 May this year.

The reaction to Movia’s censorship 

This has given rise to national and international concern and indignation and also massive media coverage. There has been established a protestsite on Facebook that encourages people to send Movia their complaints. The campaign is VERY contented with all the publicity that cannot be bought for money and the overwhelming support as a result of the events. It is about freedom of expression and thus about getting the advertisements back on the busses in Copenhagen where they belong in accordance to the original agreement with Movia.

Our response is to further intensify the campaign

This fund-raising shall finance a more powerfull and this time a tremendous nationwide campaign-boost, where other media then the busses, as they all are owned by Movia in Denmark, will be used. Through this crowdfunding you can be part of the support that will turn this into reality.

Other ways to support the campaign

If you are short of money or in any case, there are many other ways to support the campaign. You can help promote the campaign in your network, on social media, by commenting and liking. You can also write your own Facebook or blog posts about this linking to this campaign, the homepage and the Facebook page.

More about the campaign


Facebook page:

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You can donate on No thanks to SMP’s – Denmark

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