`Movia-Gate´ – What Happened So Far!

Abuse of power, manipulation and bizarre political trade-offs on Movia’s board.

Thursday night (30 April) I was contacted by a key-employee inside Movia.

The employee in question revealed to me, that the course of action which earlier that day had led to Movia’s decision to remove the ads sponsored by Danish Palestinian Friendship Association from 35 of its city busses, was politically motivated and had actually already been decided the previous day (Wednesday, 29 April).

He further informed me that he and another employee at the bus agency know by fact, that the decision was already made on Wednesday, and that the intention was to make it look like it was due to “public pressure on Movia”, and not a political decision – as it actually appears to be so far.

Therefore, I decided to meet with the two courageous and deeply offended Movia employees on Friday morning.

According to the two courageous employees, what happened between Tuesday and Thursday was an obvious case of power-abuse, manipulation and strange political trade-offs on the side of Movia’s political appointed leadership.

I have decided not to present their version of the course of events publically, but to have it investigated and confirmed by the media.

So far, everything they have told me has been verified by 3 fantastic articles by Danish Broadcast (dr.dk), after I had revealed my information to them; the role of DF (Danish Peoples Party) and the Israeli ambassador in this crystal-clear case of power-abuse and political pressure.

Still unclear is the question regarding how many written complaints Movia actually received, and what the content of these complaints was.

According to my information, Movia only received a handful of complaints in Danish, containing strong language as shown by the media since Thursday, preceding the anti-democratic decision by Movia to have our campaign removed from 35 of its Copenhagen busses.

The remainder of what Movia called “a storm of complaints” was according to my information written in English and largely identical in content. Furthermore, these complaints were sent from abroad, and here the thought comes to mind, that it might be from Israel and by the same groups which before have coordinated similar campaigns around the world.

What DF-politician and leading member of Danish Zionist Union (DZF) Finn Rudaizky made his own association do is clear to almost everybody and should be uncovered to the public.

To prevent Movia’s decision – which most likely was made the day before the board meeting – from appearing as a politically motivated decision… a “storm of complaints” had to be staged, which could be used as a fictitious pretext to the political motivated decision on the highest level. This power struggle on the highest level was launched by the conservative member of Movia’s board and mayor of Gentofte – Hans Toft – in cooperation with Finn Rudaizky, known for power-abuse, slander and manipulation, first as Social Democrat and later for DF.

Left is, not the least to have uncovered why the 3 Social Democrats and members of Movia’s board (of which one is member of Copenhagen’s town council) to vote For this undemocratic decision, which was added to the agenda as an additional point in the last minute, without any possibility for the board of discussing it in advance and from different angles, by for instance approaching DPV for a hearing as it is usual in this kind of cases.

A decision where the three Social Democrats defied their own party and the relevant policy of the Danish government – not to mention the EU’s policy regarding the issue of the settlements.

The affair will now continue and the political consequences for this matter will be revealed to the public in the days to come.

Best regards,

Fathi El-Abed

Chairman – DPV

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