Advertising campaign against Israeli Settlement Products Removed From Movia’s Copenhagen Busses

On Thursday, 30 April, the Copenhagen based bus Agency Movia decided to remove an ad against settlement products from 35 of its City busses. 

The ad was launched by the Danish Palestinian Friendship Association, and called for proper labelling of Israeli settlement products, as demanded by the EU and Denmark. 

The bus campaign was supposed to run for 2 entire weeks, but already after 4 days Movia decided to have the ads removed immediately from the 35 involved busses. 

According to Movia’s official statement, the decision was made because the agency had received a considerable amount of complaints, and because it considered the ad “unnecessarily offensive”.  

As several following investigations have revealed, only a few of these complaints had been in Danish, and most of them were sent from abroad and in English.  

Furthermore, the involvement of the right wing Danish Peoples Party (DF) has been suggested, famous for its stern support of the Zionist cause at home and abroad.  

Equally, a meeting between the head of Movia and the Israeli ambassador to Denmark on Thursday is said to have had a decisive impact on Movia’s decision to remove the ads from its Copenhagen busses.   

The Danish Palestinian Friendship Association has naturally protested Movia’s unacceptable decision publicly, and the decision might even lead to political consequences. The Socialist People’s Party (SF) has thus called the Danish minister of cultural affairs into consultation regarding Movia’s controversial move to stop the legitimate campaign.  

The next phase of the campaign will include a nationwide campaign against settlement products and the occupation industry, and the Friendship Association will not accept this illegitimate interference with general freedom of expression. 

Therefore, the Danish Palestinian Friendship Association hopes for your support of the campaign and the struggle against the occupation industry.  

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The Danish Palestinian Friendship Association

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