København 6/8: Boykot Israel stormøde

Boykot Israel kampagnen Boykot Israel stormøde i København Boykot Israel Kampagnen København indkalder til stormøde tirsdag d. 6. august kl. 19.30 – hos Jord og Beton, Kompagnistræde 34.4 i København Dagsorden: 1. Baggrunden for Israel-Palæstina... Read more →

Humlebæk 31/7, 7/8: Protestmøde ved Louisiana

DPV Protestmøde ved Louisiana Pressemeddelelse Boykot Israel kampagnen indkalder til protest foran kunstmuseet Louisiana onsdag den 31 juli og onsdag den 7 august kl. 18,45 til 19.30 i anledning af museet gennemfører to koncerter med “Tel... Read more →

Et Apartheid regime

Haaretz Et Apartheid regime Den tidligere israelske statsadvokat (1993-1996), Michail Ben-Yair, udtalte følgende til det israelske dagblad Haaretz d. 3. marts 2002 : ”6-dages krigen blev påtvunget os. Men krigens 7. dag, som begyndte d.... Read more →

Israel ledes af generalerne

Uri Avneri, Gush Shalom The Army has a State One of the rich men in the Jewish shtetl died. Jewish tradition demanded that somebody eulogize the deceased, dwelling only on his virtues. But nobody in town was ready to say a good word about this... Read more →

Et mærkeligt tidspunkt

Alex Fishman, Yediot Aharonot A justified target, a strange timing By Alex Fishman Is it possible that somebody in Israel’s high political and military echeleons wanted to deliberately sabotage the chances for a cease-fire? God forbid.... Read more →

Tanzim´s erklæring om våbenhvile

Yediot Aharonot The Tanzim Communique – full text According to West European sources, the following is the text of the Tanzim communique which was due to be published today in the territories: We, representatives of the Tanzim and Fatah,... Read more →

Tanzim ønskede at stoppe terrorhandlingerne

Alex Fishman, Gush Shalom Tanzim intended to stop terrorism by Alex Fishman in Yediot Aharonot An hour and half after the heads of Tanzim agreed on publishing a declaration of a unilateral cease-fire, Israel liquidated Salim Shehade in Gaza.... Read more →

Israelske F16 fly bomber civile

Gush Shalom Sharon answers cease-fire offer with carnage Rabin-Pelosof resigns from the government Press release, Tuesday July 23 Less than twenty-four hours ago, the Hamas leader Sheikh Ahamad Yassin made an unprecedented public call for... Read more →

Ugangsforbud på 4. uge

Mustafa Barghouti, UPMRC Urgent Appeal Continuing Curfew Creates Humanitarian Disaster July 16, 2002 For nearly a month, two million residents of the West Bank have been under almost constant curfew. This deliberate policy by the Israeli government... Read more →
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