Tanzim´s erklæring om våbenhvile

Yediot Aharonot

The Tanzim Communique – full text

According to West European sources, the following is the text of the Tanzim communique which was due to be published today in the territories:

We, representatives of the Tanzim and Fatah, in the name of our comrades and organizations in all the towns and villages of the West Bank and Gaza, declare that from this moment on we are stopping any and all attacks on innocent, non-combatant men, women and children. We call upon all Palestinian political organizations and movements to put an immediate end to such attacks, and to do so withoutt any hesitations or preconditions. For our part, we will halt all such attacks and work with other Palesatinian political organizations in order to achieve their support. We will monitor the activities of organizations in order to ensure that no such actions are being planned or carried out, and we will take part in a national dialogue aimed at convincing our people that this is the right course to take. We undertake a permanent committment to this policy, and our efforts in promoting it will be determined and tireless.

Our revolution is stating out under a new principle. We will continue our struggle and defend our people. We will oppose any aggression aimed at our cities and our familes, against the confiscation of our land and the deportation of our people, against the slow, deliberate, pitiless destruction of our society and our aspirations, against the ongoing occupation of the West Bank by the Israeli army. All these we will go on opposing and rebelling against.

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