Here is the real balance of power

Amira Hass, Haaretz

Here is the real balance of power

Amira Hass Ha’aretz August 15


In the war the Palestinians have declared on Israel, they have deployed the following weapons: -Demonstrations before Israel Defense Forces roadblocks and in urban centers

-Commercial strikes, calls for a boycott of Israeli products, stolen Israeli cars, leaflets

-Stones – used by the masses mainly in the first weeks of the war

-Molotov cocktails, pistols, rifles and machine-guns

-Mortar shells, roadside bombs, explosive devices, hand grenades

-“Living bombs” – the suicide-bombers.

The security positions of the Palestinians, along the invisible border separating Palestinian territories from areas under Israeli control and from Jewish settlements, are concrete structures, piles of sandbags, tin-shacks.

The Palestinians who continue to throw rocks and Molotov cocktails hide behind the frames of wrecked cars or behind barrels, billboards or the walls of houses. Palestinians in ambush positions fire shots at Israeli soldiers and civilians from orchards, hills, empty buildings and asbestos-wall structures in refugee neighborhoods.

In this way Palestinians have killed and wounded Israeli civilians (mainly) traveling in non-armored cars, and Israeli soldiers. Palestinians fire from passing cars. They have terrorist cells whose members plant explosive devices in the dead of night on highways used by IDF vehicles and by vehicles belonging to the settlers.

They fire on the Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo as well as at Neveh Dekalim and Psagot. Palestinians have murdered Israelis who have entered the territories controlled by the Palestinian Authority.

One Palestinian fatally ran over soldiers and civilians at an official “give a soldier a lift” station. Another Palestinian shot at soldiers in the Kirya area of Tel Aviv. Explosive devices and car-bombs have been planted in Israel.

About a dozen Palestinians have carried out suicide-bombings in Israel and dozens more are waiting in line for the opportunity to follow in their footsteps. More than 150 Israelis have been killed – some of them have been women, children and elderly people.

In Israel’s defensive war against the Palestinian offensive, IDF troops are deployed throughout the territories of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip where three million Palestinians currently live, and these are the weapons used:

-F-16 fighter-bombers, helicopter gunships, pilotless drones

-Tanks, armored troop carriers, armor-plated jeeps

-Reinforced concrete positions on highways, observation towers

-Ships, sniper rifles, bulldozers

-Bombs, tank and mortar shells, air-to-ground and ground-to-ground missiles

-Concussion and tear-gas grenades

-Barbed-wire fences, prisons, and collaborators.

The IDF fires from the air, from the sea and from the ground. It fires from tanks, from fortified positions, from observation towers, and from behind jeeps.

Throughout the territories of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, the IDF has bases located opposite neighborhoods populated by Palestinian refugees, between cities and villages, and within Jewish settlements.

Tanks and armored vehicles travel by day along the highways and there are also tanks and armored vehicles that are stationed atop hills or in the settlements and which patrol the highways.

This is what Israel does with the weapons it has and with the control that it exerts:

-Assassinates Palestinians whom the Shin Bet internal security service says are linked to terrorist attacks against Israelis within or beyond the Green Line

-Kills and wounds dozens of armed Palestinians

-Kills hundreds and wounds thousands of unarmed Palestinians, including women, children and elderly persons

-Demolishes Palestinian police or national security personnel positions, shells buildings belonging to the PA

-Demolishes houses with bulldozers and tanks, seizes homes located along highways

-Uproots orchards and plantations, demolishes hothouses, industrial plant and workshops

-Detains more than a thousand Palestinians, imposes curfews lasting from days to weeks on entire neighborhoods or villages located close to settlements

-Imposes closure on the entire West Bank and Gaza Strip

-Shuts down international transit points to Palestinian vehicles, stops any movement of cars along “Palestinian” highways for hours on end

-Creates physical obstructions – concrete blocks, trenches, and earth ramparts to prevent Palestinian vehicles from traveling from one community to another, shuts off main highways on the West Bank and in the Gaza Strip to Palestinian vehicular traffic

-Beats up Palestinian pedestrians

-Prevents access to beaches for the residents (including children) of Rafah and Khan Yunis

-Limits imports of food, medicines and raw materials into the Palestinian territories

-Limits the marketing of Palestinian agricultural produce

-Issues evacuation and demolition orders against homes in areas adjacent to the Green Line

-Has reduced the offshore grounds in which fishing boats from Gaza can operate, from 12 nautical miles to three.

All of the above are in force and Palestinians will not back down, because:

-Some take part in protest demonstrations, some fire weapons, some plant bombs, and some dispatch suicide-bombers

-All circumvent IDF roadblocks on foot, some stay home and get shelled nightly, or hide in stairwells because there are no air-raid shelters

-Some live in tents because their homes have been demolished

-All Palestinian children hide under the bed or under thick blankets when Israeli fighter jets or helicopters pass over their neighborhood

-The PA arrests and holds lightning trials for those collaborating with Israel

-Many slip into Israel to earn some money, while some slip in to leave it all behind for ever, as suicide bombers.

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