Møde om det israelske valg


Møde om det israelske valg

Torsdag d. 6. Februar – 2003 kl. 19.30

Sted : Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke, Kantinen, Landgreven 7, København

Emne : Perspektiver efter valget

Oplægsholdere : 2 kvinder fra den israelske freds- og venstrefløj :

Roni Ben Efrat, redaktør af “The Challenge” og

Hadas Lahav, leder af olivenolie-produktionsselskab i Galilæe.

Arrangører : Fredsfonden og Dansk-Palæstinensisk Venskabsforening.


Yderligere oplysninger om oplægsholderne :


Roni Ben Efrat: Editor of Challenge magazine, political activist and ex- political prisoner. Founding member of the leftist oriented party: The Organization for Democratic Action (ODA)

Roni Ben Efrat was born in 1952 and finished her higher education at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem in 1976. Six years later the Israeli army invaded Lebanon, provoking a massive anti-interventionist movement in Israel, in which she took part. The war deepened her commitment to seeking a just solution for the ongoing Palestinian tragedy. She started to learn Arabic in order to communicate with Palestinians. In the mid-eighties, she joined the staff of Hanitzotz A- Sharara Publishing House and began working as a full-time journalist for the Hebrew bi-weekly Derech-Hanitzotz, focusing on human rights violations in the Occupied Territories. Her work as a political activist and journalist was abruptly interrupted in February 1988, when Israel closed the newspaper under an administrative law. The government accused her and three of her colleagues of having illegal contacts with a Palestinian organization.

In April 1988, she was arrested, interrogated and imprisoned for nine months. When released on January 25, 1989, she resumed publishing the Newsletter on the Freedom of The Press.

Roni Ben Efrat was also among the initiators of Etgar/Challenge magazine, first published in December 1989. For the last eight years she has been the editor of the bi-monthly English magazine Challenge, which focuses on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Contact: oda@netvision.net.il


MS. Hadas Lahav – BIOGRAPHY

Hadas Lahav: production manager of Sindyanna of Galilee, Fair Trade Association. Political activist and ex- political prisoner. Founding member of the leftist oriented party: The Organization for Democratic Action (ODA)

Hadas Lahav is founder and production manager of Sindyanna of Galilee, a women led Fair Trade organization in Israel. The organization is based in the Arab village Majd al Krum and markets olive oil products coming from the Galilee and the West Bank.

Hadas Lahav was born in 1953. Hadas Lahav is a long standing peace activists, among the founders of Women in Black. She was one of the founders of Al-Baqa center in Majd al-Krum in 1992. The center itself was funded, and created by Hanitzotz Publishing House, a progressive Non Profit Association. In the same year she worked together with local Palestinian members to establish The Mothers’ School project in the village. In 1995 she published a comprehensive book called The Additional Factor (on the crisis of Arab education and the experience of the Mother School). The book was published in Arabic English and Hebrew.

Hadas Lahav is a regular contributor to three publications of Hanitzotz Publishing House: Al Sabar, Arabic Monthly, Challenge, English Bi-Monthly, and Etgar, Hebrew quarterly.

Lahav is a resident of Haifa: 972-4-8537718 asafadiv@netvision.net.il


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