Kompensation til bosættere

Jerusalem Times

Mitzna promises compensation to settlers

West Bank -Amram Mitzna, the Labor Party’s candidate for prime minister In Israel’s Jan. 28 election on Wednesday, promised Jewish settlers that he would compensate every family that decided to move back to Israel during a the settlements of Ganim and Kadim near the Palestinian city of Jenin. Many of these settlers moved to the remote area of the West Bank looking for a better quality of life, not to make a political statement like some of their neighbors. But some of the settlers were angered by his visit, shouting “what are you doing here?” as he tried to speak. Mitzna suggested that they move back to Israel. “When I become prime minister, we will propose full compensation to everyone who wants to leave,” Mitzna said. The Settlers Council had called for a boycott of the visit.

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