Kom til Palæstina som fredsvagt


Your presence is needed in Palestine

The International Solidarity Movement is urgently trying to get international volunteers to come to the Occupied Palestinian Territories to stand with Palestinians against attacks on their very existence.

As the fourth largest army in the world continues to use its military might on a population, largely unarmed and struggling for its freedom and independence; as the international community and formal governments continually fail to live up to their obligations to protect, and treat as protected persons, the Palestinian people; as Israeli colonial policies continue to strip Palestinians of their human rights and deny them human dignity; as grave violations of human rights and international law are being committed by the Israeli Occupation Forces every day; as hundreds of tanks, and armored personnel carriers roam the destroyed streets of Palestine continually shooting at civilians and civilian infrastructure; as missiles continue to fall on the Gaza Strip; as Palestinian children are systematically denied their education and the Palestinian people are denied the right to live and make a living; as dozens of civilian homes continue to be destroyed by the Israeli government and military; as the International Solidarity Movement has been witness to war crimes and is expecting an escalation in the months to come, WE NEED YOU to come stand with us against this injustice.

With the United States preparing for a war against Iraq, the Palestinian people fear the worst in Palestine. If the attention of the international community is diverted to Iraq, the Israeli government can be expected to step up its war on the Palestinian people, viciously striking them while the world is not watching. Israeli academics even warned of the possible “mass transfer” of Palestinians, should the US strike Iraq and Ariel Sharon is given free reign. The International Solidarity Movement wants to make sure the world is watching. Come join us in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and join the Palestinian people’s struggle for freedom, truth and justice.

In addition to maintaining presences in various areas repeatedly attacked by Israeli settlers and the military, in particular, Gaza, the ISM will focus on supporting farmers resisting the building of the “Separation Wall” which is destroying and isolating their farmland and will effectively put in a cage thousands of Palestinians.

Our call out to the world is ongoing, but since we know December is a time of vacation, we hope you will arrange to be with us here in Palestine. Join us December 15, 2002 – January 15, 2003.

Huwaida Arraf


For yderligere information, kontakt: info@palæstinafredsvagter.dk

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