Appel fra Jenin


This is a call-out from International Solidarity Movement activists in

Jenin for actions in soldiarity with the dead of Jenin camp, the

suffering of Jenin camp, those still in prison, those who are disabled,

traumatised, and those still grieving for the loss of their loved ones.

Please forward this email to any activist groups who you think

would want to organise something.

April 3 -15 2002 saw Israeli Occupation Forces under ‘Operation Defensive

Shield’ attack Jenin Camp with bulldozers, apache helicopters, tanks and F16

fighter jets. Missiles were fired into houses, an entire neighbourhood of

over 200 homes was demolished in 4 days, over 2000 people were arrested,

hundreds were injured and 52 people massacred.

Emergency services and food and water supplies were forcibly blocked from

entering the camp. Ambulances were fired upon. People dehydrated,

suffocated, went hungry and died of superficial injuries as they bled to

death slowly. All international organisations and media were barred from

witnessing the attack.

Despite the UN and Amnesty reports falling short of calling April’s invasion

a masacre, camp residents and international lawyers maintain that the method

and means of murder amount to one.

Call for commeorial messages.

You can send you message of condoloances and solidarity with the people of

the Jenin Camp to; These messages will be printed out

and displayed on an art/photo-exebition currently running in Jenin-camp

until the 15th of april. This call is urgent, and your words of solidarity

is important to show the people of Jenin camp that -we will not forget, and

we will not forgive.

Call for solidarity-actions on the 15th of april. April 15 – 2002 was the

last day of the massacre in Jenin-camp, and here in jenin the camp-comittee

and the ISM will arrange a full day event with happenings, films from april,

and a conference with testemonies from victims of the Israeli violence. The

events will be held outdoors on the totally destroyed area in the camp.

We also need activists worldwide to support this with protests outside

Israeli embassies and buissnesses. Caterpillar-retailers and factories is

also a suitable target for protests and direct actions, since they provide

the bulk part of the machinery the IOF is using for house-demolitions.

Please send any action-reports to and we will pass them

on to the people of the camp.

We hope that you will join us in many powerful and creative actions

worldwide to show that there is solidarity with the still open wound that

was inflicted on the Jenin Camp one year ago.

In struggle and solidarity

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