Åbent brev til Yassir Arafat

Condemnation of capital punishment, DPV

Åbent brev til Yassir Arafat

His Excellence


Yassir Arafat

Palestinian National Authority

15th of September 1998

President !

The Danish-Palestinian Friendship Association wants to express its condemnation regarding the use of capital punishment in areas controlled by the PNA. I particular we are upset about the recent executions in Gaza of two of your fellow citizens.

From our viewpoint capital punishment can not be a part of a democratic and civilised society. Whatever kinds of crimes are committed, authorities could not hold the right to kill.

Allow us to mention, that in EU is it a precondition for membership, that capital punishment is not a legal mean. Therefore, PNA’s use of capital punishment could decrease support in Denmark and in other EU countries.

The association urge you to declare, that there will be no more executions during your leadership, and that future laws will not include any possibility to use capital punishment.

Finally, the association underlines its support for the creation of an independent and democratic Palestinian state.

Ole Olsen


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