Uri Davis JEWS! STAND UP AND BE COUNTED! Uri Davis / 16 april 2002I write as an individual citizen of the State of Israel; Chair of AL-BEIT: Association for the Defence of Human Rights in Israel; and expert on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,... Read more →


Tanya Reinhart, Yediot Aharonot JENIN – THE PROPAGANDA WAR Af Tanya ReinhartBragt i den israelske avis Yediot Aharonot, April 21, 2002.(Appendix and some quotes added) In Israel, Jenin is perceived mainly as a public relations problem... Read more →

En sydafrikaner sammenligner

Breyten Breytenbach, The Guardian You won’t break them Breyten Breytenbach: A leading South African writer’s passionate open letter to Ariel Sharon Breyten Breytenbach Friday April 12 2002 The Guardian Sir, You don’t... Read more →

Profound contempt

Amira Hass, Haaretz Profound contempt By Amira Hass Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat is a super-ruler, in the eyes of the Israelis. He has been imprisoned in his office for over two weeks. All the buildings of his government, including... Read more →

Krigsskader og straffrihed

Badil PAYING FOR A CLIMATE IMPUNITY Israel’s Military Campaign and International Assistance Paying for Impunity …As donor countries gear up for an emergency aid conference in Oslo, Norway (24-25 April) it has become glaringly... Read more →

Stop massakrerne i flygtningelejren Jenin

Boykot Israel Stop massakrerne i flygtningelejren Jenin ! Nu må regeringen sige fra! Nu må det få konsekvenser for de fortsatte relationer mellem Danmark og Israel. Imens den danske udenrigsminister gentagne gange har afvist at fordømme... Read more →

Usikkerhed omkring antallet at døde

Susanne Goldenberg, The Guarden Just 16 bodies recovered at Jenin camp Just 16 bodies recovered at Jenin camp but hundreds more may lie under wreckage The morgues of Jenin’s hospitals held just 16 corpses yesterday, exposing the difficulties... Read more →
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