Leder om Gush Shalom i Ha´aretz d. 6.8.2002

Haaretz The blindness of political purity Activists from Gush Shalom, the leftist peace group, have sent letters to 15 Israel Defense Forces officers, warning that the movement is collecting evidence about actions that took place under their... Read more →

Israel ledes af generalerne

Uri Avneri, Gush Shalom The Army has a State One of the rich men in the Jewish shtetl died. Jewish tradition demanded that somebody eulogize the deceased, dwelling only on his virtues. But nobody in town was ready to say a good word about this... Read more →

Tanzim ønskede at stoppe terrorhandlingerne

Alex Fishman, Gush Shalom Tanzim intended to stop terrorism by Alex Fishman in Yediot Aharonot An hour and half after the heads of Tanzim agreed on publishing a declaration of a unilateral cease-fire, Israel liquidated Salim Shehade in Gaza.... Read more →

Protest mod torturen af Marwan Barghouti

Public Committee Against Torture in Israel Protest mod torturen af Marwan Barghouti May 29,2002 Press Release The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel calls on Attorney General Elyakim Rubinstein Marwan Barghouti is being interrogated... Read more →

DPV Fakta

DPV Om DPV Dansk-Palæstinensisk Venskabsforening (DPV) blev stiftet i maj 1988, et halvt år efter den palæstinensiske opstand INTIFADAEN startede. Danskernes vrede mod den israelske hærs fremfærd mod det palæstinensiske oprør var en betydelig... Read more →
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